Time skates forward and offers various ways of doing, viewing, and displaying things; the customs of cultures change pace— no matter if it’s within Hip Hop or otherwise. Often times, the change that occurs at venues, festivals, concert, etc, swiftly shows its age, with more people opting to go for the opportunity to take pictures and videos during an artist’s performance. You will rarely see an artist get mad for someone in the crowd lacking a phone. Yet in the case of a Young M.A show, she didn’t find it in good nature for a fan to be in the front without a phone.

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During her show, Young M.A highly insisted that everyone pull their phones out for her performance. If you’ve ever seen a promotional video for Meek Mill performing “Dreams and Nightmares (intro),” it’s a moment that artist want their fans to capture on their cellphones.


“You been touchin’ on me all night, where’s your phone?,” M.A said to a girl in the front row of her show. “She gotta get out of here.” It hasn’t been proven that the fan was taken out of the show, but Young M.A now offers apologies to the fan.

During a recent show, M.A said “Just the other day, I fucked up. I was yelling at this girl that didn’t have her phone, right … I won’t lie, I was off the Henny.” She finished by saying “I just want to send my apologies to that girl.”

It’s good to know that M.A sincerely apologized. It’s better to know that fans can continue to attend their favorite artist’s performance and not be pressured into having their phone out.

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