“Grand Theft Auto” is one of the hottest video games ever created. Everyone that played it can say they instantly became hooked. A large amount of the general population is aware of the game regardless of if they’re gamers or not.

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Kavi who is an upcoming artist hailing from Richmond, California recently turned “GTA,” (Grand Theft Auto), into a street anthem. In his latest video you can view him wearing army gear, mobbing on the strip with his team, rapping about hittin’ licks, creating master plans, selling bricks, being a dream chaser, and unveiling the grimey streets of Richmond that him and his team live in.

This record is thoroughly entertaining and we would encourage you to listen to more of his songs on soundcloud. He is definitely an amazing artist who has a bright future ahead of him. Stay tuned for his new project dropping soon. Check out the video and listen to his SoundCloud below plus don’t forget to share this post with your friends and following!


Twitter: @GhettoRockstar_
Ig: @kavipicasso
Snapchat: @kaviiiv

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