After one listen to rising songstress Tate Farris, better known as Yung Baby Tate, it’s clear that the multifaceted newcomer is set on making a permanent mark in an ever-changing industry.

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First delivering her introduction to the masses in the form of her debut ROYGBIV EP in November of last year, the Atlanta-bred singer, songwriter, and producer has flourishingly put her evolution on display for all to see, and the results include a blooming entertainer who shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.

Currently in preparations for the release of her sophomore effort on December 6, 2016, YBTXMAS: a 7-track culmination of Christmas-themed covers and originals, we had the opportunity to catch up and sit down with Yung Baby Tate as she discussed her musical origins and the road that’s led to her artistry.


The Source: How did you get your start in music? What was that first taste?

Yung Baby Tate: In the womb. My mom is a singer. So, I’ve always been very into music–exposed to a lot of music. Music has always been in my life.

When was it that you actually got into performing?

I started performing when I was six. I used to tap dance in Jersey. My grandmother used to take me to this little lady who used to teach dance to a whole  bunch of little kids.

My first recital was when I was six. I still have the picture–I was so ugly. That was my first time performing, and since then, I’ve been performing.

How exactly did you fall into being Yung Baby Tate?

I started creating who Yung Baby Tate is musically when I was 13-years-old.  That’s when I first started making beats, started putting stuff together. I started putting albums together when I was 13.  Then with ROYGBIV, that was my first introduction to the world.

I was just coming up with ideas in my room. I used to record–I still do record in my room, but all of ROYGBIV was made in my room.

Who are some people that you would say you look up to, musically or otherwise?

As far as the music industry, a woman who has really taken this industry by storm is Beyoncé. Her work ethic is so inspirational to me. To see the places that  she’s come from, and seeing her as a grown woman–that’s something that I really look up to.

Musically, I really rock with Gwen Stefani, I love her creativity. I’m gonna have to give it to Bruno Mars–I was just listening to his new album. He’s just so free. I really rock with him.

Stevie Wonder is one man that I really look up to. We actually have the same birthday and I feel like we have some type of connection or something. He’s a creative genius. Songs in The Key of C–like what? That man is amazing.

How often do you find yourself taking those influences and relating them back to the music? Do you ever sit there and go ‘Hmm, what would Beyoncé do?’

[She laughs] I don’t know. When I’m making music, I’m just like ‘What would I do?’ There are a few things that I’ll write sometimes, and I’ll change it because I’m just like, ‘No. That doesn’t sound like me’.

I don’t really like to be like anyone else. I don’t like to be like others when I’m making my music.

Going further back than ROYGBIV, how much growth have you experienced?

Crazy growth. I have some of my old music on my phone and I’ll just listen to it like ‘Wow, I’ve come a long way,’ and I have so much more to go. I’m not even done evolving. I’m in like the middle stage of the Pokemon evolution.

This next project that I’m about to drop sound eons beyond ROYGBIV in just a year, and I feel like I’m starting to grow even faster now.

So far what’s been your favorite song to make?

I’m gonna have to say ‘Hey Mickey’. I love how fun it is. I love performing that song. ‘Orange’ is always a favorite of mine. One song that people don’t really know is ‘Green’ off of ROYGBIV. Any song where I’m silly and talking s*it–I love doing that.

Moving on to the aesthetic that you’ve adapted for yourself. Where does that come from?

I really think that it’s a culmination of my whole life. I don’t like looking boring. Living in Atlanta, a lot of people look the same and I don’t like looking the same. So, that’s really where anything that I wear comes from.

Aside from the upcoming project, what’s next?

More projects, more visuals, tour. I’m trying to get around America. I’m really making a name for myself here, but I really want to get out of [Atlanta], and branch out as much as I can.

Take a listen to the first single off of Yung Baby Tate’s upcoming YBTXMAS: “Barbie Phone”