In preparations for the release of his latest Final Moments of Forever album, Matt Citron has officially dropped off the music video for one of the project’s stand out tracks. “Stay Down”.

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“For me, ‘Stay Down’ is probably the song that embodies the meaning of Final Moments of Forever,” the Atlanta-bred emcee tells us.cover4clean

In a true to life treatment, the video works as a biography for Citron, once a Division I college basketball player whose hoop dreams have transitioned into a full-blown career in rap.


“I don’t like to explain my work too deeply and would rather the music speak for itself,” he continues. “But, if you focus in hard on what  I’m saying in the hook of ‘Stay Down’, it’ll help you get a stronger grasp on the entire statement I’m looking to make on Final Moments of Forever.”

December will mark the release of Final Moments of Forever and kick off Matt Citron’s tour alongside Xavier Wulf.

Check out the album’s track list and the official music video for “Stay Down” below.

  1. Save My Soul
  2. One Time
  3. 404 (ft. CyHi The Prynce & Money Makin Nique)
  4. Never Worried
  5. All That I Need (ft. Kiya Lacey)
  6. Stay Down
  7. Shallow Waters
  8. Dancing Bones
  9. Too Long
  10. Reflections Pt. 3