Peter Rosenberg is not here for Charlamagne the God‘s relationship with conservative pundit Tomi Lahren.

Lahren appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah earlier this week where she compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK, insisted that she doesn’t “see color,” voiced her support for Donald Trump and more. Shortly after the interview she canceled a scheduled appearance with Charlamagne, DJ Envy and Angela Yee on The Breakfast Club. But TMZ spotted Lahren and Charlamagne together in Manhattan, and Rosenberg weighed in on Twitter.

“It’s amazing that people are blind enough to think this dude is good for the culture,” Rosenberg tweeted, while posting a link to the TMZ article. “Please wake up.”

Rosenberg criticized both Charlamagne and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah for giving Lauren a platform, and said Lahren’s looks were the only reason she was invited as a guest to either show. Rosenberg also implied Charlamagne was “the devil.”

The two revealed they had dinner together and Charlamagne jokingly said, “Black lives matter” and “Black penises matter” while holding up a fist on camera with Lahren. He said their meeting is in pursuit of a bigger goal.

“You have to learn to have discourse with people you don’t necessarily agree with,” Charlamagne told TMZ. “I’m not gonna learn about her world, and she’s not gonna learn about mine if we don’t have conversations.”

Lahren said she’d appear on The Breakfast Club the next time she was in New York.