Here’s something new to your regular dosage of Wiz Khalifa. And with Juicy J and TM88 on board, the track and new visuals for “Medication” are extra strength.

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The TGOD Mafia: Rude Awakening trio rolled out the official music video for the single, via WSHH. Set in the cloudiest pharmacy on the planet, the don of Khalifa Kush lives up to his name. But don’t be fooled by the medical tools and women in nurses’ uniforms. The pharmacy joint triples as a farm and private club for the artists.

The beat itself is very 808 Mafia—keys to the production from TM88 and Southside. Yet, also it speaks very much to the usual style Juicy J jumps on, which is why he’s perfect to headline the chorus. And in none other than a fur-lined coat, he reminds you that he’s still bossed up. Juicy spits, “I ain’t got to no patience with my medication.” And hitting you with the final verse before you press replay, the rapper leaves you with the perfect turn up mantra, “Light them b-tches. F-ck your neighbors.”


So without further ado, allow me to prescribe “Medication” by TGOD Mafia:

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