This is a group that wants to remain in mystery, using their music to move people, instead of displaying who they are, physically. AGENCY wants their listeners to become embodied within the music, not focused on the body that shows in front of us. To solidify their artistic touch, they release their 7-track EP, PolitikaRama. They simply want to share their experiences through their music, hoping it touches someone in good light. To keep their creativity beaming, they release their single “Coward.”

We cover the human experience…a wealth of material shedding light on our loves, our regrets, our hopes, and our fears. We are just two humans who shed our tears through instruments and occasionally shout for joy. We are not defined by our bodies or what we like to eat or what kinds of pets we have at home. Or the places we travel. We are defined by song.

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“Coward” is a mid-range song that’s spotted between R&B and Pop. During the song, you’ll find the two members of the group singing through real feelings and expressing. It’s safe to say that they don’t want to be called cowards and refuse to let anyone interfere with their progression in life.

The artwork spots a unicorn head on a human body, likely displaying the anomaly-type mentality that they carry and want their listeners to feel. The group does sing from the heart but they offer uplift that can resonate with anyone. This shows strongly as they use “we” often.


Stream the song below and also check out their project here.

1. Evaporate
2. New Americana
4. My Life
5. Livin’ In America
6. Fall down slowly
7. AmeriKARMA (reprise)

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