When we look back at 2016, plenty of artists released diss tracks prior to the release of their mixtape, project, or album. Is it a coincidence or is it just their marketing strategy? Music creative Mike Dean questions this type of movement with artists. His question comes on the heels of J. Cole’sFalse Prophets” track. It’s a loose-cut that addresses Cole’s thoughts towards Kanye West and Wale. Whether or not we can classify his broad honesty as a “diss” — depends on who you ask or how you personally feel.

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“Why do artists who are lacking always make a diss song just before their LP comes out??,” Dean questioned on his Twitter account. Although he didn’t mention any names, those who caught the tweet, couldn’t help but think of anyone other than J. Cole. Cole fans came in defense of the Dreamville artist, stating his last album went double platinum without any features, Cole not lacking, Kanye needing “27 features 42 ghostwriters”, etc.

West and Dean have done work for many years now, so it comes across as a question in defense of Ye’. No matter what the case may be, why is it that artists release diss tracks prior to album releases? In Cole’s situation, why address Wale and Kanye West at this moment? Just a question.