Last month marked the launch of one of Red Bull’s latest offerings, a three-part web series surrounding the inspiring narratives of three powerful women making significant marks in the realms of entertainment and the arts.

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Following music industry pioneer and AFROPUNK partner Jocelyn Cooper, Tom Tom Magazine founder Mindy Abovitz, and global street artist Magda Love, the aptly-titled MAVENS series lends viewers a peek into the ordinary journey of the extraordinary woman.

“Powerful content and storytelling about strong women today is very critical,” Love tells us. “Media in general usually portray female power only through sexuality and not through our talents, our commitments to our communities, our struggles, our intelligence or our journeys.”

Properly channeling the various duties that each women take up, cameras succeed at revealing the versatility of a power woman as Cooper is followed both on the ground at AFROPUNK and in her Brooklyn home enjoying dinner with friends, as Abovitz is captured as both a musician and magazine executive, and as Love treats us to a glimpse of her roles as both a heralded artist and beloved mentor.


We were able to pick the ladies’ brains a bit as they acknowledged the significance of MAVENS and its relevance in their lives and the impact they’re hoping it can make.

The Source: What are the few key experiences you feel have best shaped you for your current role that you take on every day?

Mindy Abovitz: Drumming has best prepared me for the daily performance of hard work, discipline, listening and creativity that I need to be a successful business person and leader in my industry.

Magda Love: I think that becoming a Mom was the most powerful thing that has happened to me. I think like every parent, I wish to contribute to leave a better and more loving world to my son. I think through example, I hope to inspire him and show him that your talents, diligence and commitment are the keys to creating real impact in our communities.

Traveling to different countries, and sharing tables with people in different continents, hearing their stories, learning about their families has also given me the understanding that human beings all around the world seek the same thing.

We all seek to be loved, to be respected, to be heard, to be treated equally no matter where we live. Love is really the only thing that can unite us all. So I have made a strong commitment to be an artist that promotes love. To make art in love with love for love.

Jocelyn Cooper: My life experiences personally growing up in a politically active family in Brooklyn and professionally in music, both in A&R and publishing shaped where I am today. I call upon the relationships I cultivated from years back.

My father’s newspaper the City Sun is a big inspiration for my vision of AFROPUNK as well.

The Source: Why do you feel it’s important to showcase your journey for others via MAVENS?

Mindy Abovitz: MAVENS is a platform that is wide-reaching and related to breaking new grounds, which we do at Tom Tom Magazine.

The relationship between drumming and sport/creativity is fluid. It is an honor to be featured in such an established media spot alongside other powerhouse women in my industry.

Magda Love: I personally was inspired by the idea of MAVENS since day one, and the timing couldn’t have been any better. I usually make art wishing to inspire people and younger generations, but I am especially passionate about encouraging young women and girls to be courageous to pursue their dreams, to seek, to educate themselves and to discover the world.

Particularly in the most troublesome times, we need to celebrate media and companies that support and promote the creation of stories that inspire others to be leaders, to be proactive, to be involved, and make a powerful stand for our principles and our humanity.

Jocelyn Cooper: I think that my story is unique as a woman of color in the festival and media world.

I think it’s important for young women to see our stories and to know how hard you have to work to accomplish your goals.