Last month Titus released the visuals for his latest song ‘Wrong Ones’ and he’s back ringing in December with a new feel good track ‘Wit Me’ ft. Jay Pharoah.

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Titus has a record of making irresistibly smooth songs that are contagious to the ear. ‘Wit Me’ takes you through an adventurous night with Titus and his crew making it clear that whenever they go out they do it big and they have fun! As he told Billboard, “This is one of my favorite records because of the energy behind it. To me it’s kind of like a squad anthem for people to get hype to…”.

Comedian Jay Pharoah takes over the second verse adding a quick edge to the end of the song. Together, the Future Moguls trio- Myles William, Titus, and Jay Pharoah– create an up beat anthem with high energy and catchy lyrics. Although the song released just a few days ago, his fans are already commenting with their favorite lyrics, ” white on white on white on white” said Soundcloud user, George Rizzio. “Titus legit goes so in” says another Soundcloud user, Sloves.


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