For those who chose to hibernate this past year, Atlanta native Russ is an artist who has splashed onto the music industry with full force. As a writer, producer, and engineer, Russ gives the word “dynamic” a new meaning. His creative abilities set him apart from any other artist in hip-hop.

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Rated first in BET’s 10 Independent Artists You Need To Show Love segment; his accomplishments blatantly verify his credibility as an artist. His debut single “What They Want” currently has 47 million Spotify streams, 18 million Soundcloud plays, and 22 million video views. He’s sold out three headline tours from the United States to Europe. To summarize these jaw-dropping statistics, Russ has made it clear that he is here to stay.

As he continues to sell out shows all over the world, it’s important for people to realize the potential this young man has. Whether he’s mixing his own production, or creating new melodies in the booth, it seems as if he’s got “the Midas touch”, turning every record into gold. His vocals and production each contain a wide variety of range, making him a threat to his competition.


His repertoire of accomplishments indicate that he may very well be the future of the music industry as a whole. Russ has utterly dominated this past year, and he looks to continue his rise to super-stardom heading into the new year. Want to see why Russ is an artist to watch in 2017? Take a look at the official video for “What They Want” below: