iHeartRadio personality and The Prince of NY DJ SELF has been making waves lately, he’s the new star on VH1’s hit show Love and Hip Hop NY, and just recently in NYC he along with his celebrity friends, facilitated a holiday party for over 300 youth in the Brooklyn community where he gave out gifts, played music and provided food for the Christmas holidays. While doing so many amazing things he has also just started his new record label Gwinin Entertainment. With a huge sense of Entrepreneurship and an extensive background in the music business, SELF saw Gwinin Entertainment as a great avenue to mix the two and create opportunity for talented emerging artists.

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Gwinin Entertainment currently boasts new artists such as R&B/pop beauty Major Galore and new hip hop maverick LouGotCash, with both artist bringing new edge and consistency to the table Gwinin Entertainment is on its way to being one of the most buzzing record labels of today. With DJ SELF reining on the iHeartRadio air waves and being one of the go to DJ’s in the night life club scene, he will make sure that the world is prepared for what he’s bringing to the forefront. Both artists will be releasing mixtapes on Saturday December 24, 2016 for Christmas holiday showing the world why they are the perfect gift during the season of giving.

“During the Christmas holiday in 2016, I wanted to just give back in some way, So I partnered with the Boys & Girls club in Brooklyn and provided gifts for over 300 youth which was amazing and now I’m releasing new music from the Gwinin Entertainment artists, I thought it would be the perfect time to show the world the new things that I’ve been working on and a perfect gift for people around the world” says an excited DJ SELF.


Gwinin Entertainment has just released new singles from both artists, Major Galore’s “Straight Up With No Chase” which showcases the melodic yet soulful sounds of the R&B vocalist. While LouGotCash storms with “Pipedown” which shows his lyrical skills and up tempo flow while he’ll also be releasing his mixtape “That’s A Great Name”.