For the past few weeks, Drake and Jennifer Lopez have had the internet in a frenzy over whether the two are getting cozy or just friends.

It appears that early Wednesday morning (Dec 28), that the two simultaneously confirmed that they are an item by posting the same intimate photo on each of their Instagram accounts.

While Drake has been linked to many women in the past, fans seem to be congratulatory of the new couple but there are a few fans and industry watchers alike that feel as if Dra-Lo (too soon?) is really a ploy for Drake to take shots a Diddy.

Although Drizzy and Diddy seemed to bury the hatchet earlier this year, many seem to think Drake wasn’t really over the 2014 altercation in Miami, which lead to him being punched by Diddy over the hit song “0-100”. Drake and Diddy put their differences aside in April, but knowing how Diddy has confessed his love for J-Lo over the years, this may spark the tension back up.


But it’s not just the guys, Internet watchers have noticed that Rihanna unfollowed J. Lo on Twitter as well, though that seems to have occurred a few hours before the two took to IG with their latest upload.

The photo, which appears captionless on both accounts, comes just a few weeks after Drake flew to Las Vegas to catch J. Lo’s “All I Have” show at Planet Hollywood’s AXIS Theater. It seemed to be a friendly visit but sparked dating rumors after reports claimed that Drake rented out a West Hollywood restaurant for J. Lo and about 20 other guests. While those claims went unconfirmed, the two certainly look to be dating in the newly shared pic.

Check out the image below.

Drake and J Lo, via @Champagnepapi Instagram