Jon “Bones” Jones may be serving a one year suspension from UFC, but that doesn’t mean he’s not sharing insight and collecting checks.

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Appearing on podcast platforms like the Joe Rogan Experience and competing with Dan Henderson in Submission Underground 2, he’s grinding against the circuit.

A former UFC Light Heavyweight champ, Jones is a man of color in a white dominated sport. Jones recently appeared on the Scoop B Radio podcast and discussed the state of diversity in UFC and how it can be changed.  “You don’t see a lot of MMA schools in the inner city,” said Jones.


“You don’t see a lot of MMA schools in the hood.”

So how do you suggest that it changes?

“The main start would be to give more black kids opportunities,” Jones told Scoop B Radio host Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. “You have local boxing programs at the local Boys & Girls Club—that’s the way a lot of great boxers got started. You don’t typically see a lot of black males join wrestling teams and wrestling is a great avenue to get into mixed martial arts.”

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That’s an interesting perspective seeing as though the majority of champions in mixed martial arts, including Jones came from a wrestling background like Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans. “Us black fighters need to just continue winning and showing what MMA can do for you can just change the minds of young men globally,” said Jones. “They’ll see that it’s an avenue for success and they don’t just have to be a basketball player, or a boxer or the next NFL player—they can be the next UFC fighter. They can be the next Rampage, they can be the next Jon “Bones” Jones.”

Jones’ suspension from UFC will end in the new year; July 9, 2017 to be exact. He’ll likely jump into a championship fight right away.