Katt Williams to serve three years probation for punching a restaurant employee.

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Katt Williams is probably one of many celebrities looking forward to the new year. For Willams, 2016 was filled with headlines mostly circulating around legal trouble. Let’s briefly recap Katt’s legal issues: at the beginning of this month we learned that the comedian was banned from two counties in Georgia and sentenced to five years of probation for an assault case involving his bodyguard. Back in September, Williams was arrested for criminal property damage from an incident that occurred in February.

Bringing things more up to date, Williams was also involved in the infamous fight with a teenage boy as well as the onstage brawl  Williams was involved in at a Beanie Sigel concert. There was also another restaurant incident that took place where the comedian threw a salt shaker at a manager. Today, in Los Angeles Williams was sentenced to three years probation for another restaurant incident back in July when he punched a woman for allegedly “disrespecting him.” TMZ reports that Williams plead no contest to the assault and battery charges and paid a $390 fine to avoid three days in prison. Today Williams currently faces charges for robbery for an incident involving him, producer Suge Knight and a celebrity photographer.


With 2017 just three days away, we’re hoping Williams’ headlines in 2017 bring nothing but positivity.