We’ve been peeping Stevie Valentine out for awhile now here at The Source, and we’ve finally tracked him down to get him featured on the site. If you visit Stevie Valentine’s Twitter, you’ll instantly notice that his music is already having a huge impact on his peers, but you can also instantly see the potential for super stardom. How can one achieve super stardom through Gospel Rap? Who’s done it before? Stevie Valentine isn’t just anyone. He’s found a way to successfully combine a style that’s easily convertible, and a true anointing in his music, and it’s given him a sound like the industry has never heard before.

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Stevie Valentine describes himself as, “A 20 year old Gospel rapper living in Birmingham  (U.K.) who was born in Germany but then moved to the UK when he was 10. He began rapping when he was 15 & started doing Gospel rap when his relationship with Christ got serious, his aim is to show the young generation that being a Christian is the best choice you can make, & is also fun.”

In our opinion, Stevie is achieving his goal of awakening a generation. Seeing the responses he gets on Twitter validates that argument. With “No Way”, Stevie took things to the next level, the level he needed to take things. Like stated before, we’ve been following Stevie for awhile, and we knew that now was the perfect time to show our readers, what this young Gospel rapper was all about. Check out “No Way” below, and stay in touch with Stevie Valentine, as he’ll surely be changing the music game soon.