Trust The Process!

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These are the exact words Philly rookie Joel Embiid told Sixers fans when he was cleared to finally partake in the 2016-2017 NBA season after being shut down before his career even began due to foot injury. He has disappointed at all, leading the young Philly squad to some impressive wins while gaining Rookie Of The Month recognitions along the way. But there’s another process Joel has embarked on in which the fan may need our help with. Apparently, the former Kansas Jayhawk phenom has a major crush on RocNation’s own Rihanna. Joel “shot his shot” with the R&B superstar but was denied due to the fact he is not an NBA All Star. In a recent interview, Joel had said he wouldn’t mind racking up all the Eastern Conference Rookie Of The Month honors en route to a potential Rookie Of The Year honor but only if would help land his dream girl.
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Check out this hilarious tweets to fans asking them to vote him into the NBA All Star game to impress the Grammy award winning songstress.



screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-2-56-30-pmGood luck to the rookie sensation who is off to a amazing start in his promising NBA career. Let’s hope the hoop fans worldwide to help him rack up enough votes to pull off a stellar 3-point play and that is suiting up in front of thousands in New Orleans, drop buckets while get his baby RiRi at the end of the night.