She stamped “MINE” across his chest and 10 years later her chosen male dance partner, ALV3STER, sets out on his own.

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Most would kill for his front-row seat to history; including a Super Bowl performance that never happened, a VMA performance that almost didn’t happen, and secret shoots he is still barred from discussing- yet Alvester Martin– a.k.a. “ALV3STER” is saying ‘Goodbye’ to it all.  After over 10 years of sharing the spotlight with Queen Bey (and a host of others- Mariah Carey, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez to name a few), this King is stepping out of the shadows and into a light of his own.



Citing the best college education known to an aspiring entertainer, complete with “hands-on” on-the-job training from the mega-entertainer herself, this triple threat is a force to be reckoned with. Professor, Beyoncé Knowles Carter influence screams in ALV3STER’s recently released visuals for his debut single, “OVERDOSE”, a provocative cut from his truth-telling Lemonade-style debut album ‘Love Me or Leave Me’. The Hive will love the high-impact ‘Formation’ dance numbers; complete with steamy visuals, and of course an artistic direction worthy of the silver screen.

Speaking of cinematic ALV3STER is taking another page out of his mentors’ How To Slay: 101 notebook- is preparing quite the campaign promoting ‘Love Me or Leave Me’, complete with a small-screen show-stopping TV stint as the star of Lifetime’s racy, ‘Vivica’s Black Magic’ (the chocolate ‘Magic Mike’) airing this month; and a feature role in the big-screen production, ‘Kinky’ set for a February release.


All hail to Queen Bey, and I’m sure, “King A”- ALV3STER will have plenty of proof he has been schooled by the very best.