Meg Lieder is no stranger to the stage. The young artist was born into a musical family and has been singing since before she can remember, with a knack for musical theatre, Meg quickly found her voice. Little did she know, her talents would take her music from a hobby to a budding career. Her success came by happenstance; when her father posted a video of Meg performing a cover song, it blew up overnight. When the financial manager of the Artist Refinery happened upon the song, he forwarded it to award-winning producer Fred “Blaze” Crawford, who was immediately intrigued by Ms. Lieder’s talent. With a strong musical entrepreneur guiding her, the young singer set out on her way to the top, contracted by the Artist Refinery to create a six-track EP.

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Her latest single entitled “Think Twice” was released on November 15th. The song had unusual beginnings. Lieder was initially in the studio to record another song, and when things “just weren’t clicking,” decided to go another route. The artist put pen to paper and created another track on the spot. The song chronicles the insecurities of a boyfriend who worries about their relationship’s stability. The song is a plea to him not to worry so much, to tell him he doesn’t need to “think twice” about whether or not she loves him. “Think Twice” isn’t Meg Lieder’s first song about relationships. She derives a lot of inspiration from relationships. “Boys are definitely the thing I write about most,” laughs the 19-year-old, “There’s a lot to talk about!”