There’s a certain kind of slang that comes from the streets of Seattle, Washington. Up in the northwest, people talk just a little different – and it’s that unique flavor that Bombface brings to the hip-hop world with his new single “Love The Game.”

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“The flavor up here has been represented to a certain extent, but not to the fullest,” Bombface said. “There are little details that you pick up when you’re raised here, and when you start to travel and people start to point those things out – that you sound different than other people do – you start to see yourself from the outside and appreciate what makes you unique. That’s what I want to bring to the table with my music.”

“Love The Game” is a song that explores the deeper levels of relationships and showcases Bombface’s versatility while introducing him to the world of hip-hop. He considers it to be more of an R&B track with a softer vibe that features his lyrical abilities as a rapper.