Alec Appolloni (known on stage as Kyduh) has had a knack for music since his father gifted him a Casio keyboard at age 3. The present sparked a fire under the budding star’s feet; a zest for music and a passion to learn. By age 5, he was playing the piano with ease, and experimenting with other instruments. At the encouragement of his father, who “liked the best of every genre,” he listened to all of the greats – Led Zeppelin, The Beatles – who would play a part in influencing the young artist. By the time Kyduh reached high school, he’d become a musical octopus, occupying a variety of instruments with ease. He taught himself the guitar and bass, and began to try his hand at writing music. While touring with a band he joined in high school, he found himself experimenting with hip-hop.

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Typically a singer, Kyduh began making his own beats and rapping. “That evolved into my own unique style of rapping and singing.” Kyduh began applying what he’d learned about music into producing, and just like that, a star was born and his music was ready for the masses. His diverse palette for musicians that span genre and sound inspired him to create music with an experimental vibe. While the drums are “urban,” the melodies are influenced by whatever genre is appealing to the young artist in the moment.

His latest single, “Head First,” is a testimony of trial and triumph, chronicling the difficult journey and what it’s taken to reach his level of success. The determined artist was relentless in his pursuit of a career in music, despite his humble beginnings. “I made it from nothing,” he confesses, “and no matter what people tell me, I am never going to let anyone kill my vibe.”


Twitter @kyduhmusic.