Diddy has had enough of Hip Hop. And social media.

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Earlier today(January 12), clothing, music and movie mogul Diddy went on a poignant and honest rant on his Instagram page, but pointed out that he would be deleting his social media accounts because of what he recognizes as “cooning and buffooning” in Hip Hop music.

“Netflix has this great documentary on hip-hop, the history of hip-hop. I know I think Steve Stoute did one, Fab Five [Freddy]… Just go to YouTube, man. Go to YouTube, man,” he continued.


Many believe that his rant may have stemmed from a host of mainly online conflicts between artists of today’s new millennium and artists from Hip Hop’s historic “Golden Era”. Some have even hinted that it may have come from the forthcoming inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. Whatever prompted it, Diddy is ready for more Obama-type change; this time in Hip Hop.

“I’m staying off my social devices. It’s too much cooning and buffooning. Too much cooning and buffooning..”, the Bad Boy and Sean John owner added.

“Believe me, when I get my thoughts together, I’m going to figure out a way to articulate myself because this conversation ain’t even for the whole world to hear, it’s just for us.”