At this point, Soulja Boy has pissed off just about everyone that he possibly could, and it’s evident he has no plans on slowing down. A few weeks back, Soulja Boy took to social media to reveal art work for a seemingly Soulja Slim influenced project. Lil Soulja Slim, the son of the late rap icon, didn’t take lightly to what he deemed to be disrespect towards his pops. Instead of internet banging, Lil Soulja Slim took to the music, and delivered a street banging diss to Soulja Boy, entitled “Real Soulja 4 Life”. Lil Soulja took it one step further, and shot a plotted out video for the diss, where a Soulja Boy look alike can be seen stuffed in the trunk, Uptown style. 3rd Ward. You can check out the video for the diss below, and stay up to date to everything Lil Soulja Slim has going, 2017 will be big for him.

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