“Aay yo, pass the aux…”, has become a very popular phrase among millennials. Just like you can’t go out for a night of drinks without a designated driver, you can’t hop in your car for a trip without a designated aux cord DJ. In New Orleans, a group of music, and art aficionados, led by rap icon C Murder’s daughter, Alexis Miller, have taken the aux cord out of cars, and made it a staple in some of Louisiana’s most popping venues. The inaugural Pass The Aux was held at DLF Connectz in Baton Rouge, LA, where 15+ artists had the chance to play 2 songs a piece for a panel that included: MadeGroceries, Wade, DJ Shaad Smooth, TheRadioShaq, and Grammy Award Winner, Chase N. Cashe. The event produced much fruit. The winner received a free music video from emerging video director, Jade DelValle, a few artists were able to score features from Chase N. Cashe, some made it onto DJ Shaad Smooth’s mixtape, ‘504Ever’, and a few have been featured here at The Source since. For Pass The Aux’s next trick, and their second installment, they take the show on the road to legendary Peaches Records on historic Magazine St., in New Orleans, LA. Let’s get into the details.

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DJ Legatron Prime

Pass The Aux 1 was DJ’d by DJ Chris Major, one of the Top 5 most influential DJ’s in all of Louisiana. He killed it, and put another huge dent in the DJ community. This time around, Alexis Miller has tapped a fellow girl boss, DJ Legatron Prime who has bullied her way in the conversation with all of the boys. With a string of successful events in 2016, and a strong start to 2017, DJ Legatron Prime has primed herself for an eruption this year.


Guest Panel

Kr3wcial of Kowboii Media

Kulture of Abstract NOLA

MAQ of DaTakeOver

El Williams of Soundclash

DJ Pioneer, E.F. Cuttin


Music Video shot by DelValle Studios

4 Hour studio session at Kowboii Studios

Featured write up, here at The Source

Performances at upcoming Abstract NOLA + Pass The Aux Concert

Submissions for Pass The Aux will be $10/per artist. Due to the high volume of submissions, everyone who submits won’t be chosen. The Pass The Aux staff will be choosing 15 artists to display their music at Peaches Records on January 27th, so submit your best stuff! After submitting your application, you’ll be getting an email from the Pass The Aux staff to send them soundcloud/youtube links. If you make it to the next round, you’ll be invited to Peaches Records on January 27th, and given 3 minutes to pitch yourself, and your music for the guest panel who will be choosing a winner by the end of the night.

Submission Form for Pass The Aux 2 (here)

Submission Payment for Pass The Aux 2 (here)