Here at The Source, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Assata Jones during one of her studio sessions. The Chicago born, New Orleans residing songstress played us a few new tracks of hers, and we quickly picked up on the type of artist she is. Assata Jones is a natural vocalist, with the pen to match. When asked would she choose being a songwriter over a performing artist because of her impeccable pen, Assata quickly told us no, as she’s always had the dream of being in the limelight. We spoke with Assata about a range of things, including everything from her encounter with Rihanna, to how she knew she wanted to be a star from the time she saw the movie Selena.

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We asked Assata Jones what were her plans for the new records she was playing. She told us that she just enjoyed creating a vibe, and telling real life stories. When asked about radio play, Assata shook her head no, and explained to us that ultimately she wants to be on the radio, but her primary goal isn’t to make commercial “radio” tracks. Assata Jones explains her song writing/recording process, and how her relationship status has always been an energy that she tapped into for inspiration. She talks about how her current status is her favorite mode that she’s been in creatively so far in her career.



If Assata could name a compilation of all of her older music, she’d name that project, “Growth”. She speaks on how she’s big on self care. “With compiling something from the past, to right now, I think that it’s been growth, and fearless”, says Assata.

Assata Jones describes herself as “approachable.” She thinks that that’s how she relates herself to artist in the industry. She says that she’s the artist that can never forget where she comes from. Assata says that when she moves her grandparents out of the tough neighborhood in Chicago that they currently reside in, is when she’ll feel like she’s made it. Her ideal venue to perform in would be something small, and intimate. She describes how a hole in the wall would be the perfect place.

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