Bad Girls Club’s Jada Cacchilli raps and she acts. But you’ll never guess how she got into television! She bumped into a casting director at a Playboy party out in Los Angeles.

Cacchilli was a regular on seasons 12 and 13 of the Oxygen Network show. After the casting process and being a regular on the show, she’s become recognizable.

“Shoutout to Playboy,” joked Cacchilli. “That’s how I got started.”

Cacchilli also has a growing music career. She actually began rapping during season 12 as an outlet because she didn’t get along with other cast members. “Nobody was messing with me,” Cacchilli said on a recent episode of Scoop B Radio. “Everybody hated me and I needed an outlet and my outlet was just writing and going to the studio. So I did that,” Cacchilli told podcast host Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson.

A Queens, NY native, Cacchilli broke deep on the podcast about being inspired, why she enjoys helping others and dug deeper discussed into why exactly her music is therapy.

Give it a listen by clicking here.