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D.R.A.M. without a doubt is one of the fastest growing artists in the game, but he’s also one of the happiest.

During his interview with Snoop Dogg on his GGN channel, D.R.A.M. talked about his first time touring and how it felt selling out his show for the first time in London.

“Man it was crazy to look out in the crowd and see all of these faces of people who look like they could be from around the way but accent is straight from U.K.”, D.R.A.M. said. “But what’s even crazier is to hear them singing my song word for word and it was a sold out crowd. My first and it happened in London, that’s crazy to me.”


D.R.A.M. also revealed that Beyoncé was his secret to connecting with Mike Will Made It after loving his mainstream debut “Cha Cha”.

“When people told me that Beyoncé was playing my song, I didn’t believe it and then they showed me the post and I was shocked [laughs]. A lot of people don’t know but it was after that that Queen Bey hooked me up with Mike Will Made It and a few other people just off the strength of her word.”

Check out the interview below.