Xavier Hynez is a Hip-Hop/R&B artist hailing from Toronto, Canada. This young man not only makes music but is the ultimate triple-threat with him being an artist, actor and athlete. Xavier was artistically gifted from birth. Given that his mother is a poetic composer, he quickly adapted to writing his own material.

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This young rising star has musical influences belonging to a legendary era of emcee’s such as Common, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Andre 3000. His new generational rap flow has influenced him to blend soulful Hip Hop with the sound of today’s mainstream music.

One day he plans to own a successful music empire and give back to his community by funding an organization geared towards helping young artists.


Xavier’s new single “Crazy in the 6,” has over 750,000 plays on SoundCloud. He did an incredible job connecting to his audience by attaining such a high number of plays. The well written track goes into his childhood and him wanting to help his Mother experience a better way of living. He also reflects on growing up fast and helping his single mother household any way possible. Check out this mellow track that you can kick back and vibe to!