Big Sean named Eminem the biggest rapper of all time.

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Sean Don recently sat down for an interview across from Tim Westwood of Capital Xtra. Big Sean revealed to Zane Lowe that the fellow Detroit rapper would appear on his latest album I Decided on a track called “No Favors.” Sean admitted to looking up to Eminem growing up in Detroit.

“He’s the biggest rapper of all time,” he said,  “If you just look at the numbers. You can imagine what that’s like coming up in Detroit and looking up to that.”

Of course, Sean let Westwood hear the track and in response Westwood said he’d “hadn’t heard Eminem sound that good for years.” Zane Lowe also heard the track and said Em “didn’t even sound like himself.” But that’s one of the reason’s Big Sean admires the veteran emcee saying that Em could always create different rap styles and it’s what inspired him to be so different from other rappers. “I try to do something new, something different,” Sean said.


Watch the full interview below.

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