Dont let her innocent face fool you. Lexxy, a 20 year old singer/songwriter from The Bronx, NY is breaking out of the underground industry with an edge.

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One minute Lexxy consumes you into her sweet and floaty sound and the next she is snatching edges with her unique style, tone, and grit. Lexxy has been making music since she was 16 years old and is currently working with Atlantic Records and building on her next project which is set to release some time in 2017.  “I always knew I loved music and wanted to sing but I never really took it serious until then,”  Lexxy says.

She’s been working hard since and claims that her biggest accomplishment is proving herself to her mom. Not only is she proving herself to her mom she is also proving herself to her fans as she collectively has over 400,000 plays on Soundcloud. “I want my fans to embrace pain… to be able to let it go. Let it go through art!” says Lexxy. “I want my music to make them wanna embrace how they feel but not let it eat them up. Keep moving!!”


Are you a fan of Lexxy yet? Lexxy’s most current mixtape Things Have Changed is out and available to the public on soundcloud along with a ton of other hot singles such as “Good Life”, “Time Back”, and “Diggin to China”.

Keep an eye out for new music by Lexxy coming in 2017! If you want to stay updated on everything Lexxy and the #AngleMovement, follow her on social media for the latest in music and her super fresh style! Also, check out parts of her interview and her most recent song “Good Life” below.

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1.Who do you make music for and what do you want your fans to take from your music?

I make music for myself mainly.

It’s my therapy.. when things aren’t going right in my head music helps me get through it all. It wasn’t until I opened up and started really putting out music that reflected my struggles that I realize it can help other people. It’s like as a person you see things happen but it’s different when people feel that way about you. I love the people who inspire me to be great & get me either out of my feelings or in my feelings late at night, but to think I can be that person to someone is crazy.

I want my fans to embrace pain to be able to let it go. Let it go through art! Let it go through yelling at the top of your lungs. I want my music to make them wanna embrace how they feel but not let it eat them up. Keep moving!!

Especially my girls. Young black girls who get shown thru all these crazy stories that they live in a world that doesn’t love them. They live in a world where the darker you are the more you have to prove & it’s just insane. I want them to know that everything you put you mind into can become a reality.

It’s so much easier said than done, but I truly believe music is one of the healing points of life whether you’re the one providing the music or receiving it. It’s therapy for both of us.


2. How would you describe your music, and your sound, and how does it reflect your personality?

That’s honestly a weird question because I’m so up & down when it comes to my sound. I just kinda go with the wind. I would say. BLUNT, ANGELIC, and SMOOTH.

It’s funny because my music reflects my personality in the most direct way. I’m so impulsive with my actions sometimes I just wanna tell someone off, curse them out, and then probably lose my mind because in my head I’m thinking about how hurt I am, but never wanna break that wall.

My music is a look into my mind. A look into the thousands of notes I write in my phone at night that I never talk about. A look into those 200+ letters I wrote to my ex but never told him cause I didn’t want him to see me sweat. My music is me! It sounds so cliche, but it’s so real.


3. What is the name of your upcoming project? Do you have a release date?

There is no name yet! Or release date.. 2017 is definitely the stamp but everything else is just falling into place.  I’m learning to not push myself with my art. Just let it be so organic that once it hits everything will shake!


4. What are your ultimate goals in music?

My ultimate goal is to touch the world with a different outlook of how to release emotions.

A different perspective of how life works.

I can’t promise you my legacy will live forever in the eye of mainstream & everything else that people count as ” important”, but what I can promise, keep as a goal, and  achieve is… My story being heard. My mark will be made. And I will give everyone everything I have because this is what I love to do.

#ANGELMOVEMENT will be the movement to inspire people to feel like an angel that just keeps flying no matter how many times somebody told you you couldn’t do it!



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