Araya Suballie aka BankRoll Britt is 16 years old and was born and raised in the “6ix,” (Toronto, Canada). She was pretty much your average good teenage kid up until about the age of 12, when something changed in her. She became reckless, wild and carefree. One thing lead to another and soon she began smoking Kush, getting in trouble with the law, being disrespectful to any and everyone, but according to Britt, “These experiences are what shape me so I put them in here,” in other words everything you hear in her songs are true.

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The artists which inspire her are Toronto’s Wass Gang artists Pressa and Robin Banks and New York’s very own A Boogie, he particularly inspires her since she believes he raps about real things that has occurred during his life making his story and songs so interesting and vivid.

As she became more reckless in her behaviour she started taking in more music in a way leading her directly into making music her own way with her own sound, and the more records she made the more infected and possessed she became with the art.


“I think my music is swaggy like I have my own little swag and that it’s something that people can dance and move to & that it’s catchy” are the words she uses to explain her music.

“I feel like teens my age can relate to my music it might be above a lot of people’s head or even really hard hitting to others but my lyrics are quite up to the times while still being very controversial.

Bankroll Britt doesn’t want to change the game, she just wants to stay relevant in a competitive field and as long as I stay interesting people will stay interested in me .

“My future goals outside my music career, is to complete my education and to learn the in’s and out’s of the music industry while still trying to be a role model kids my age.”

The youthful Femcee has over 60,000 views on YouTube and over 700,000 plays on SoundCloud for her new single “Bankroll Britt”. Her flow is remarkable and has no problem keeping you entertained when she talks about money galore and having the baddest girls as her lovers. Check out the song and show love by sharing to your followers!

Instagram: @bankroll.britt
Twitter: @bankrollbritt12
SnapChat: @baddie1237