For some odd reason, Azealia Banks’ name is consistently in line with drama and not much has changed since the Russell Crowe hotel incident. This time, it’s Rihanna.

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Over the weekend, RIhanna voiced her outrage on Twitter over Donald Trump’s racist, xenophobic, unconstitutional Muslim travel ban and Azealia was hot on her heels, but more surprisingly, to agree with President Trump’s supposed “Muslim ban”.


Banks replied,

#AzealiaBanks comes for #Rihanna after she shares her thoughts on #DonaldTrump 's immigrant ban

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Then when you thinks she’s done, she calls Rihanna out.

azealia tweet

Rihanna, who never misses a good opportunity for a clap-back, responded with a photo of herself captioned “that face you make when you a immigrant,” hashtagged #stayawayfromthechickens, #iheartnuggets and #saveourhens. ICYMI this is a reference to Azealia Banks’ revelation that she has been ritually sacrificing chickens for brujeria purposes in her closet for the last three years.

Then Banks got ugly.

#AzealiaBanks responds back to #Rihanna

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It’s certain that this won’t end here. Most of these tweets have been removed, but the hate has not. will keep you updated on this feud as it develops.