The YouTube hit film series, “Prey Before You Eat”, took home several accolades and honors during the First Annual Urban Webseries Awards that was held on Friday, January 20th at New York University’s Film Center. Founded from the creators of “Project Heat”, the Urban Webseries Awards was well attended & sold out.

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The “Prey Before You Eat” film series has been making its rounds onto the laptops, smart phones, and lives of urban America. Directed by Luc R. Stephen & Doc of Industry Unlocked, the two have been blessed with a buzz like no other. The film won awards over the weekend for “Viewer’s Choice” and the film’s star, CoCo, won the award for best “Breakout Actor” in an Urban Webseries.

PREY BEFORE YOU EAT is a four-part film starring Annie Hezekia, Raquel Mills,Kyah Baby, Christopher Copeland, Mimi Faust, and Rip Michaels. Now into its second installment, this “Set It Off” inspired series has garnered well over 250k views on YouTube. PREY BEFORE YOU EAT is about two young women disheartened by their upbringing, who develop a savory taste for money. With robbery and murderon the menu, their lives spiral out of control as they attempt to pull off robberies that will give them a chance for a better life. The film’s first installment was released this past spring.


When asked how they managed to become such a success with their indie films, Stephen states, “We invested in ourselves first. We are self-educated. We are continuously learning from our peers of prominence, other indie execs, and our mistakes as well.” From the Hip-Hop Film Festival to the Urban World Film Festival, to the Revolt Conference in Miami, and the AFM (American Film Market)in LA, Stephen and Doc have taken a more hands on face-to-face approach with the powers that be within the film industry. “You’ve got to be in it to win it”, states their Publicist Lynn Hobson. “The two are proof that the struggle can not be skipped”.

Celebs such as Angela Yee, Mimi Faust, Moe of “Money & Violence”, BBOD of “Love & Hip-Hop New York”, and Comedian Rip Michaels have all supported the series.

With Part 3 of the series is currently in production. The new content, quality, and story line will show the growth and improvement of their actions and endeavors.

Check our Prey Before You Eat, parts 1 and 2 on YouTube now.