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Black History Month Is Here! 

Music Choice kicks off Black History Month and celebrate iconic artists, timeless music and legacies.  You will get a chance to watch the biggest stars shaping music today and remember the classics all month long on Music Choice On Demand in the Trending Now category on Music Choice On Demand.

Music Choice Trending Now will feature popular music videos and curated throwback playlists from artists including Andra Day, Common, T.I., Whitney Houston, Kendrick Lamar and many more.  Original programming highlights include an exclusive “Kings of R&Bplaylist hosted by Bel Biv DeVoe and Behind the Lines: John Legend on the making of his “Love Me Now” music video.



Check out both videos below as Bell Biv DeVoe speak on R&B Music Today and the Next Generation of R&B…..

“(Ronnie) One of the um artists that we look to when we talk about all the time is Bruno Mars (Ricky) right (Ronnie) yeah just his swagger and his energy you know as a solo artist he’s incredible but with his horns section and the dancin’ that they do like it reminds you of New Edition and groups like The Temptations and he seems like he pays attention to detail and he understands his audience and he doesn’t wanna fall short of the mark you know it’s like practice rehearsal to make sure when the lights go up and they say ‘Ladies and gentlemen Bruno Mars’ you know he’s gonna give you every you know cent and every penny’s worth that people pay for so uh definitely Bruno Mars is one of our top ones.  (Michael) I probably looked at it like from a different aspect like you figure you know Chris Brown…it just seems like he has something that a publicist couldn’t buy and today’s artists are really valued more on their hits than their hit and so to me I think he um he has something else going on that is you know it’s where Bobby was but in 2017 on steroids.”  


“(Michael) The state of R&B music seems like it’s more at the concert.  (Ricky) right (Michael) because R. Kelly don’t put out too many albums but R. Kelly sells out every tour (Ronnie) yeah (Michael) he just goes out and he just go it’s packed like he got a platin three platinum album Charlie Wilson he just goes on tour and you just go. (Ronnie) I think the state of R&B as well is almost like the state of hip hop you know for some reason (Ricky) yeah yeah (Ronnie) the influence that hip hop has on people like us and people that have come after us but now with R&B music it’s the same thing as hip hop you know they cockin’ they hat to the side a la what I’m doing right now of course I got the tie on but I got the jeans that might sag a little bit…the lines are kinda blurred to a certain extent. (Ricky) The support for R&B music today is not what it used to be…you know so when you ask about the state of it it’s like it’s it’s questionable because I’m not sure where the lack is is it in getting the music to the people or is it just the the the actual support for that people the audience is just not you know supporting R&B music like they used to.”