Choppa Zoe is a rising star deriving from Palm Beach, Florida. In his newest video for his “Vagabond” Freestyle, the bi-lingual artist displays his cultural versatility as he raps in English, as well as his native tongue, French. Zoe is something hip-hop hasn’t quite seen before, and his progression is interesting to watch.

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As always, he makes sure to keep his Haitian-heritage evident throughout each and every track. In “Vagabond”, he effortlessly takes listeners into a different setting, painting a picture of the harsh environment he’s had to endure while growing up. He has gained attention from the likes of Wyclef Jean, and this attention is well-deserved to say the least.

Following his appearances on mainstream networks such as Power 105.1 and Sway In The Morning, Zoe is ready to continue his buzz as an up and coming Florida artist. Check out “Vagabond” below: