Philadelphia was the place to be on Saturday as the University City-based Indigo Bleu Design & Culture Center housed its 2017’s spring and summer fashion.

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Packed to capacity, the show began with guests who were greeted in the lobby area with custom artwork from renowned street and graffiti artist, SEAL. Sitting atop what appeared to be a 6′ or 7′ ladder, draped in a custom gown, mannequin-style, was a model on display with elegantly designed makeup. This was part of the event’s interactive art exhibit along with a custom mural which featured a painting of a woman much resembling the ANTI woman herself–Rihanna.

The lineup of designers for the evening included: Volare Menswear, Zinman Furs, Suede Square Kids and the producer himself, Dah’mod Collins, of RM67, who closed out the evening with a presentation of his line of the same namesake, “Eclectic Elegance.”


Writers and radio personalities like Hiiipower Radio sprawled the red carpet conducting interviews with designers and Philly’s fashion elite like Marquette’s Tyron Perrin who hit the red carpet donned in all black.

These Pink Lips designer Iris Bonner appeared in style as always, sports and entertainment journalist Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson appeared on the red carpet and also sported Troy Adkins’ VOLARE menswear design on the runway. Casual Luxury’s own Butter Obama were all in attendance.

Additionally, Casual Luxury custom crown headpieces were a fan favorite of all the children participating as well as their parents who stopped to chat with the designer before being seated inside.

“I love that there’s now an option for the plus sized man,” said Eclectic Elegance host Laura Mazurek.

Mazurek who also hosts the popular Style and Empowerment Chat was a fan of Adkins’ Volare Menswear line.”I absolutely love it,” she said.

Even as the show ended, attendees stayed long after and marveled about the show’s elegance,mixed and mingled in the lobby area while talks of after parties and ‘where to head next’ lingered through the air.