As we are just 3 days away from determining who will walk out Houston Superbowl LI champs, The Source Sports has decided to take you back…way back into time with an hilarious Super Bowl moment.

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Other than devouring wings, pizza and a nice cold beer, fans tend to glue to the TV screen to watch hard hitting plays and a potential iconic NFL moment during Super Bowl Sunday. In addition, whenever the “The Big Game” debuts in front of millions of sports fans worldwide, the debut of some of the funniest commercials come alive and create classic moments. A perfect example of this was back in the year 2000. In between an classic matchup between the “Greatest Show On Turf” in the St. Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV, Budweiser debut an commercial that will forever be dubbed as one of the most hysterically,and most hilarious commercials ever produced. The infamous “WAZZUP” commercial introduced a phenomenal that the pop culture was very unfamiliar with which shows how funny but fascinating the embrace African American men particular display towards one another. Not only did the commercial became an worldwide phenomenon, it was often imitated on numerous of tv show episodes and comedy parodies movies such as Scary Movie. Check out this funny throwback Thursday commercial below as fans can get a nice sample of what to expect and what to look out for during this year’s series of Super Bowl commercials.