It’s crazy to think that it was three years ago when Bobby Shmurda’s breakthrough hit “Hot N*gga” was sitting on top of Billboard’s charts. He blessed the stage with the likes of Fabolous, Meek Mill, and other rappers of their caliber. His single was remixed by French Montana, Lil Kim, and many other artists. Bottom line: Bobby was the hottest n*gga of 2014!

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That quickly came to a halt when Bobby and his whole GS9 crew was arrested at the infamous Quad Studios and hit with a 69-count indictment. The charges range from assault, conspiracy, criminal possession, reckless endangerment, and murder. A few of Bobby’s pals are looking at a 100+ year sentence. Bobby was looking at a seven year deal, but there’s a new plea deal on the table that can extend his sentence up to four years.

Bobby’s girlfriend Kimberly Rousseau was caught in 2015 trying to smuggle a shank into Rikers Island during a visit. The rapper was charged with attempting to promote contraband, and his girlfriend faces the same charge. However, Bobby told Miss2Bees that Kimberly was not his girlfriend in the podcast titled 2 Cents With 2 Bees.


At least Bobby isn’t looking at the same lengthy sentence that his other friends are. We’re hoping for new music soon! #FreeGS9