Russell Simmons talks new musical “The Scenario”

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Set to hit the 2017-18 theatrical season, Russell Simmon’s hip hop musical The Scenario will debut in New York before taking on a 30-city tour across the U.S. The Hip Hop mogul has been carefully crafting The Scenario since 2015 right around the same time, a successful hip hop musical, Hamilton came out. In an interview with The New York Times Simmons says The Scenario will tell the story of a few different artists who “struggle and evolve” across three decades of music. The musical references A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario” and is supported by Universal Music Group.  In turn the production is said to include music from Drake, Kendrick Lamar and the Sugar Hill Gang. Simmons has a specific vision for the show,

“I want kids in the ‘hood in Detroit to see it. I want sophisticated theatergoers in New York to see it. And they’re going to love it whether they’re 50 or 14.”

The show will stop at both “traditional and non-traditional venues” it appears Simmons and Universal want to open up the show to larger and more diverse audiences than traditionally sized Broadway theater’s usually allow. Audience participation is also said to be a segment of the show which isn’t traditionally done in theater. We’re excited to see how this musical plays out but we’ll have to hold on a bit longer for the final production.


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