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Jim Jones and Dipset are most certainly synonymous,  so when Capo signed with Roc Nation, a few eyebrows were raised.

In an emotional interview on Hot 97 with Funkmaster Flex on Wednesday (Feb 8), Jim broke down his relationship with Dipset head honcho Cam’ron and the structure of Dipset.

“Cam’ was the person who got signed; he was the face card and I understood that,” Jim said. “I made everybody around me understand that. Like, he’s the prized possession; he cannot be touched, at all. He get touched, we [fall]. That was the method…even with Juelz [Santana]. They all know. I put my life on the line for this. I been on trial for this! I been on America’s Most Wanted for this! I been on Gang Files for this! I [have done] everything you can name. So when people play with me? I get real emotional, ’cause I operate off emotions as [The Diplomats] know from all the times they been with me. It’s never been a time where I backed down from any situation in the world! Except God. And I been up against 20, 30 deep by myself, where [The Diplomats] left me by myself. Ya heard? And I escape those situations and still come back and give niggas hi-fives and ‘what we doin’ today?’”

Jim also explained that despite their seemingly tight friendship, he was in no way riding Cam’s coat tails, but instead worked hard for every deal he had.


“[Cam’ron] gave me a platform. He gave me an opportunity, but he didn’t [simply] give it to me; I worked for it,” Jones continued. “Cam’ didn’t get the deal without me there. I was there every step of the way, from the year 1995 to the year 1999, you couldn’t find Cam’ without me. At all. Nothing. I don’t care if he had a bitch in the room with him; I was there with him.”

In regards to his personal sacrifices and what he ultimately felt drove the wedge between him and his former friend, Jones states that it was jealousy from Cam during the time when he was flying high with his smash hit “We Fly High (Ballin)” dominated the airwaves and made his label $27 million. Jim says that between his changing lawyers from Cam’ron’s attorney to the same lawyer 50 Cent used caused tension.

“I put everything on the line for this, and I took it with a smile,” Jones said tearfully. “Even when niggas doubted and downed me, even when I was on trial and niggas told me to take the plea. What plea! We don’t take pleas, nigga! Ya heard! And by the grace of God the trial gets dismissed, ’cause they ain’t find enough evidence, of a shootout, that happened Uptown, over Cam’ron! Every time you see me in the news, it was over Diplomats! When I get sued and shit like that, it was over Diplomats! When I’m kickin’ ass…when I come to the club 30 deep, it did what? It made The Diplomats look good! When I’m bangin’ Blood, it was good for them, right? It was good when it was good for them, ya heard? When it wasn’t good for them, oh, don’t nobody want to be part of the Bloods. But when the Bloods became poppin’ [and came with] notoriety [The Diplomats] wanted to turn Blood. So when people get on this radio and try to discredit me in any fashion, I don’t do that.”

As for why Dipset didn’t turn to be the powerhouse that everyone anticipated, Jimmy states it was the lack of dedication and work ethic that ultimately led to the group falling off.

“What I’ve done for people, no one has done for me. When I got out of bed at four o’clock [to help The Diplomats], I couldn’t call these niggas at four o’clock to come save me. You think there was ever a time in my life that I could call Cam’ to get out his bed to come save me?”

Check out the full interview below.