Troy Ave is making headlines again, this time for his fashion sense.

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While appearing in Manhattan Criminal Court for a pre-trial appearance Friday (Feb. 10), the Brooklyn-bred MC was spotted wearing a bulletproof vest and Donald Trump-inspired hat donning the phrase “Bake Water and Whip Weight Again.”

Troy, whose real name is Roland Collins, was in court for his arrest on attempted murder charges for his involvement in a May shooting in the green room at Irving Plaza during a T.I. concert, which resulted in the death of his bodyguard Ronald McPhatter and Troy being shot in the leg.


Released on $500,000 bail, Troy has always proclaimed innocence claiming he retaliated shots in self-defense trying to wrestle the gun away from the man who killed McPhatter.

During the recent hearing, prosecutors agreed to overturn the ban that blocked him from performing as part of his bail conditions, which now allows Troy to perform at a concert in North Carolina just in time for CIAA weekend planned for Feb. 25, with more dates being announced “shortly”.

Troy Ave’s lawyer, Atty. John B. Stella, hasn’t been shy about his support of his client. Back in January, he released a statement claiming that recent arrest on podcast personality Taxstone played a huge part in their self-defense argument, which he’s crediting today as the reasoning for the decision to allow Troy to resume performing.

“As we have said since May 25, 2016, Roland Collins (Troy Ave) did not enter Irving Plaza with a handgun the night of the T.I. concert,” Stella wrote. “He was not responsible for the four shots fired inside the green room that took the life of his dear friend, [Ronald] McPhatter, and caused injury to him and two other innocent bystanders,”
Troy said he was happy with the deal, saying “well-known” music companies have been trying to sign him for shows, but he hasn’t been able to.

“I feel blessed, I feel enthusiastic about my shows coming up,” Troy said. “Now I just get a chance to go be with my kids, get ready for tour, touch my fans. We were waiting for this.”

According to the New York Daily News, the headline buzz filled hat is listed on Ave’s website, selling for a whopping for $200.

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