With the 2017 Grammys in the books, here at The Source, we don’t feel like it’s too early to have our sights set on 2018, and the list of nominees who will have had a big year from now, to then. New Orleans, one of the world’s most musical cities had a pretty unique year in 2016, leading up to the 2017 Grammys, and it laid the foundation for a crop of artists to emerge in the new year, and make national names for themselves. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of 5 New Orleans born artists, who possess the skills to catch the Recording Academy’s eyes in 2017, ahead of the 2018 Grammys. Peep out who made the cut below..

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5. Pell – One of New Orleans’ most unique talents, Pell has captured a fan base, and neither side plans on letting go. Musicians seem to be split right down the middle these days in terms of prototypical, and stereotypical, and there’s seemingly no in between. Pell is a 100% prototype, a 1 of 1. Pell combines a mixture of rap, and down south harmonizing, over a unique mixture of trap and dubby trip-pop that forms a really industry quality flow. One reason for our selection of Pell for Grammy potential is his approach to musicianship. Getting his start as a producer, Pell’s use of sound, and manipulation makes him an easy listen, and will transition well with new fan bases, radio, and festival stages. To know Pell, is to be a fan of Pell, seemingly, and he’ll convert a lot more people in 2017, in route to a potential Best New Artist nod in 2018.





4. MadeGroceries – New Orleans’ most formidable rap group, The GroceryBoys bursted onto the scene in 2016, and they haven’t looked back since. With the release of ‘WahnTown’, and now a country wide tour, opening up for Cash Money’s Robb Banks, MadeGroceries are on a fast track for success. The group, made up of 3 equally lyrical titans, Land-Lord, Mauley Sincyr, and Oeaux Neal have taken real life New Orleans stories, combined with a trippy fantasy, and have created their own world, that they live in, and fans from across the world want to visit. We selected MadeGroceries for 2o18 Grammy potential because they represent real Hip Hop, and we saw just last night that real Hip Hop still wins via Chance The Rapper. These guys are cut from that same mold, and it would come of little surprise to see the GroceryBoys nominated in one capacity or another.


3. Ambre Perkins – Featured in the above video with MadeGroceries, Ambre Perkins has carved out a lane for herself, and she is determined to move at her own pace through that lane. mentee of Grammy nominated superstar, Kehlani, it only takes one time for Ambre to make a lasting impression on anyone she encounters, and that’s before even pressing play on her music. A superstar in her own right, and a unicorn to the culture. Following the release of her wildly successful ‘2090s’ project, Ambre Perkins has gained new fans, pleased her core fans, and sparked intrigue in many more. If you’ve seen her perform live, you know that her stardom is undeniable. Why do we feel like Ambre is 2018 Grammy potential? Well, she has that certain something about her that tells us that one day she’ll have a cult like following, and they’ll definitely propel her to Grammy status, sooner than later.



2. 3D Natee – New Orleans’ leading lady in rap, 3D Natee has broken out onto a national stage, and has garnered the attention of some of hip hop’s biggest names. August 2016 she dropped her self-released LP, “The Regime,” which debuted at #15 on Apple’s iTunes Top 100 HipHop/Rap Album Charts proving to many that Na’Tee’s hands on approach had some merit. Now preparing for a North American tour and looking forward to continuing her independent success, it’s obvious that Na’Tee is ready to earn her spot amongst the greatest and hardest working emcees in hiphop. (Via 3dnatee.com). Why did we choose 3D Natee for 2018 Grammy potential? Well, because she’s so close that she can taste it. Major cosigns, relentless work ethic, lyrical assassin, and the flat out will to be the best. It’s bigger than just female hip hop, she wants to exchange with the “big dawgs”.


1. Don Flamingo – Recently signed to Roc Nation, and headed on tour with The Lox, Don Flamingo had quite the 2016, and beginning of 2017. A way over your head wordsmith, equipped with real life New Orleans street lyrics, Don Flamingo has simply made a career off of keeping it a buck. Under the tutelage of New Orleans’ Hip Hop Godfather, Crack Tracks, Don Flamingo has willed himself to a label deal, and has earned the attention of rap enthusiasts around the world. Why did we pick him for 2018 Grammy Potential? Because he’s on the brink of something humongous, and he’s carefully placed all of the pieces in perfect alignment. Next step, trophies.