New Jersey native Jon Salomon (better known to fans as “King Salomon”) began his rap career as an amateur poet, experimenting with wordplay at a very young age. Surrounded by a musical family, the King’s love for music was encouraged and perpetuated by his family’s love of hip hop. As a child, he could be found listening to the radio with his father or listening to his sisters who helped spark his love for rap. A talented athlete, the artist left sports to become a rapper and is now making moves in the New Jersey rap scene.

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King Salomon’s music is teaming with vibrancy reminiscent of one of Salomon’s musical idols Andre 3000, whose “flexibility and ability to entertain while remaining thought provoking” serve as inspiration to the young artist. Like classic rappers of the purist variety, Salomon’s lyricism is at the crux of his talent. “My music is hard-hitting and aggressive”, explains the rising Jersey star, “but still upbeat”, His music is a reflection of himself, an authentic and raw account of his life – the trials and triumphs, all of it. Having been named for King Salomon – known for being the wise, noble king in the Bible – the rapper Salomon is likewise looking to shed wisdom on his fans. Raised in a religious household, he’s always had an infatuation with the Book of Salomon, which is paid tribute in his newest project.


His debut EP, Book of Salomon, was released on all digital platforms on February 10th. The artist explains, “It describes where I’m from and how I came to be – and hopefully, people also see a reflection of themselves in it.” Salomon’s goal is to reach as far and wide with his music as physically possible, to prompt people to go after their passion. “Not just go out and do what you’re passionate about, but be the best,” King Salomon insists, “Make yourself a king or queen.”

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