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“The song (Too Lit) was actually made in one night. Chris James picked the beat, I (Jade DelValle) didn’t even like it at first. & I knew I had to come with a verse that would stick with Baton Rouge on a simple note, something that could ring in the clubs. Chris laid the hook & I put my verse. Chris didn’t put his verse until the day of the video shoot lol so I never knew what the finished record sounded like until then. Word up to PlayBoy, he produced it, he’s Chris James’s co producer.

The video was shot in two separate days as well, & turned around in one night. We just got a camera holder & I edited it, benefits of being a director first. Chris mixed, and mastered the song while I was editing, guess you can say we make a pretty good team.
Needless to say, this is what happens when Dream Team Records & DelValle Studios link up, a hit is made. Honestly, I feel like this tape, Forever Famous, is solid, it’s got a song for every mood. Forever Famous is set to be released, February 27th.”
You can click (here) to view a promo video for Forever Famous.