Kanye West debuted his Yeezy Season 5 fashion collection at New York’s Pier 59 Studios, as part of New York Fashion Week and it was quite interesting.

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According to published reports, Yeezy steered away from his usual show itinerary and did not premiere any new music of his own at the show, instead he soundtracked the with The-Dream singing J. Holiday’s “Bed” on repeat throughout the entire duration of the show.

The show kicked off with models projected onto a screen before the actual models walked the runway. Some of the pieces featured the words “Calabasas” and “Lost Hills”, an ode to the upcoming collaboration with Drake, printed on it, while other pieces in the signature line were heavy in denim.


According to Vogue,  West introduced a cool take on denim for the fall collection, featuring high of rise, loose-ish of fit, and tucked into knee-high boots in a way the fashion industry hadn’t seen in a while.

Yeezy also reportedly launched a new sneaker, but not with the looks we are accustomed to seeing when it comes to the hot item brand. Although it is unclear at this time whether the shoe was fo the event only, it still made headlines none the less.

The biggest development and noticeable change is the incorporation of logos into the branding aspect of this label. Many attendees noticed that West is now seemingly embracing it, stamping some sweatshirts with the Adidas’s signature triple stripes.

Despite the shows ultra success, Yeezy was a no show at the end. It could be due to his restriction in activities due to his recovery efforts, but nonetheless wife Kim Kardashian-West was front and center on the front row with her Cher-inspired look.

Although no new music was premiered, the Yeezy Season 5 invitations sparked rumors after a promotional photo allegedly attached to one of the invites to GQ Style’s Jake Woolf, allegedly featured a “Kanye West & Drake” billing. The invite package also came with a zine for 2016’s Season 4.

Check out clips from the show and the total collection below.


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