Australian DJ / Producer / Party Starter Kronic is currently taking America and much of the world by storm. With his track ‘Push’ with Savage and the Far East Movement in the new Fast & Furious 8 movie and being featured during the halftime broadcast in this year’s Super Bowl, 2017 promises to be yet another massive year for Kronic.

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Starting off as a hip hop / R&B mixtape DJ, rocking house parties and driving forklifts to finance his vinyl obsession, Kronic has developed into one of the most sought after and versatile hip hop / R&B / EDM / party producers from Australia. He started off putting out classic mixtapes, such as The Drunken Master & The Jump Off 1 and 2, which helped him build a genuine fan base Australia wide. Kronic is now based in Los Angeles, and his diverse interest and expertise across various musical genres continues to break down the hard and fast rules of what is what and how it should sound. Moving well out of the box and taking calculated risks musically, Kronic brings something new and unique to the game through his innovative and party orientated production techniques.

Kronic has toured extensively throughout Australia, America and Asia. He has worked with Hollywood A-Listers including Lil Jon & Tyga (resulting in the Billboard Top 10 hit with “Bend Ova”), Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, Senor Roar, Pitbull plus more. Kronic more collaborations and touring in the works, with 2017 panning out to be the year of the Kronic.