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Shermichael Singleton is left to figure out where he fits in the Republican Party after being told he would no longer work for HUD secretary nominee Dr. Ben Carson. He wrote an article about then-candidate Donald Trump before this situation and it had him wondering why he was fired.

Singleton once worked with Dr. Carson as communication director and was prepared to next join the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Yet the Trump administration article that was published by Singleton last year became the deal breaker.

It was suggested in the article that the members of GOP had a “moral obligation” to stand up for Trump.

“We allowed that hostile takeover to happen on our watch,” Singleton wrote in his piece for The Hill.


“This individual recognized a moment of great disparity in the Republican base and, like cancer, attacked and spread, consuming everything in his path.”

Singleton lost his job for speaking out against Trump before his presidency.

“I believe in one’s openness to critique. If you are able to imagine where that critique comes from and imagine what the individual has gone through that led to said critique, then you grow,” Singleton told BET.