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Red Bull Sound Select brought out global artist, G Herbo to headline their Brooklyn show last night along with Bronx artist Kemba and Brooklyn native, DonMonique. Herbo is one of Chi-Town’s hottest rappers and one of the most talked about on the Chicago hip-hop scene. He’s made a name for himself starting with early praise from Drake and working with Legends like Common. The 21 year old, continues to raise the bar for the young rap scene in Chi-Town with his lyrical dexterity. He has a loyal fan base throughout his hometown and worldwide. The show went down at Brooklyn Bazaar with a high intense crowd that was ready to watch the Chi-Town bred rip the stage. We spoke with Herbo and he did mention that he is very excited to be releasing his debut album ‘Humbe beast‘ this year and also releasing a joint tape with another Chi-Town youngster, Lil Bibby.

We caught up with G Herbo and asked him a few questions about his favorite place to do a show, most memorable moment with a fan, new music and much more.  Check out the interview below and you can catch G Herbo at his next show in Chicago with Lil Bibby on March 8th sponsored by Red Bull Sound Select.

Describe the intensity in a G Herbo Show With Fans?


G.H: The intensity at a G Herbo show is crazy with fans especially in New York. It’s always crazy and at home (Chicago) of course. The intensity is always crazy depending on the energy that I give, they feed off my energy. I might feel like one day is one of my best performances ever and I may top that performance or I may just pace myself for the next 5 shows. Rather I’m giving them a good show it will always be a solid same show so it always depends on my energy, it’s gone be crazy tonight though.

What was your craziest memorable moment with a fan at a show?

G.H: I think when I did the Oreo fest and it was in Chicago and I came outside this girl had my mixtape cover and my face tattooed on her, she came to the show and she had two tattoos and this was like three years ago. So, I don’t even feel like the hype was built to a point where I was even having that big of an effect on people. That was probably my most memorable interaction with a fan after a show.

How cool was it to see Chance the Rapper another Chi-Town bred win three Grammy’s on Grammy night and how big was that for the city?

G.H: It was super big and it was a blessing for the city, just because for one Chance is independent he built his brand organically the way you suppose to as an artist and he always stayed in his lane and remained him through the ups and the downs that come with the game. It’s not always a straight shot and beautiful road. So it was big to see him win a grammy for Chicago he won three grammy’s actually and you gotta be humble by it. That should only push you to achieve your goals and try to reach the greatest that is shared upon by him and other people.

Do you feel you are one of the best rappers from out of Chi-town?

G.H: I mean I have to because that’s what I work to be, but me mentally and physically  I don’t really say or consider myself that like I won’t say “yeah I’m the best, yeah I’m the hottest.” I would let my fans and people looking from the outside looking in dictate that. But, in my mind I gotta treat myself like I’m the best and gotta strive to be better than what I am. So of course my work ethic and the way I think as a person and an artist I’ll feel that way. But on a boasting level, you would never hear that come out my mouth.

So do you have new music on the way?

G.H: Yeah of course. I got an album coming out with Bibby (No Limitations) we gone do a joint album our first-ever joint album together officially since we started that’s coming this year 2017. I got an album I’m going to drop with Southside called ‘swervo‘ and Southside is gone produce the whole thing. I also got my prize possession my debut album ‘Humbe Beast’ dropping this year. It’s gone be a good year with 1st quarter, 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter when it comes to music but I still got other lanes I gotta focus on and conquer to really be the artist I want to be.

How do you describe your personal style?

G.H: I’d say my style is all me, It’s different from other artist even in my city or outside of my city. Just the way I carry my swag and I’m humble with it too. I might not wear chains or I may just wear a watch or I may not wear any jewelry at all or I may just go all out on an outfit or just rock some basic s*** just a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and ones. But, I still standout more than alot of people in the room so I can’t really describe it but I know from the outside looking in people can explain better than I can. I mean I focus on fashion of course, I love it. I may go buy an outfit and get dressed just to sit on the couch and watch TV at the crib so on the outside looking in people cold better word it. It’s really me just being me.

You do have a brand of merch correct?

G.H: We definitely doing the 150 Dream Team Apparel Merch we putting it together all my merch out right now you can go get it on the website So that’s gone be big for the year 2017 just really putting my merch together and ideas because I never really launched any merch until now so I’m really starting to focus on that. It gotta be with my fashion I gotta be comfortable with it and want to wear it more than anyone else. So that’s really my main objective when it comes to that.

Name three sneakers you couldn’t live without?

G.H: The white ones of course, some wheat timbs and any unlimited pair of jordans. I don’t really wear foreign shoes. It gotta be a pair of wheat timbs and ones I don’t think I could go without those not a whole month without those.

Any artist you bump outside of your own music?

G.H: I listen to Meek, Blac Youngsta, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Kodak, Lil Bibby of course. I listen to pretty much everybody I like different music I listen to The Weeknd, I may listen to Common I might be in the crib and I might play some New Edition (Laughs).

Where has been your favorite place to do a show?

G.H: Chicago of course, but second after that It would be like a equal tie between New York, Jersey, Baltimore Boston and Philly.

(Photos by Fabian P)