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A graffiti tagger suspected of defacing 26 subway cars in four boroughs has been busted — and police found 271 cans of spray paint in his Brooklyn apartment, police sources said Thursday.

Jordan McConeghy, 26, was arrested in front of his Bedford-Stuyvesant building Wednesday morning.

“He’s addicted to trains and graffiti,” a police source said. “He wanted the fame.”


The Texas-born tagger is known by his tag, Clyde, or Clyde 86, as well as EHC, the acronym for the crew of taggers he runs with, Every Hood Crushed.

He was known to throw up tags of overseas graffiti artists who couldn’t make it to the city and turned to McConeghy to get their name out there.

“It’s very unusual,” the source said. “They’d ask him for a favor and he’s put up their tag, then put a sticker with his tag next to it.”

Police got a search warrant after arresting McConeghy and found the cans of spray paint and two paint-splattered digital cameras he used to document his work, sources said. Two laptops and four hard drives were also seized from the apartment he shares with three women, sources said.

McConeghy was awaiting arraignment in Queens Thursday on charges of criminal mischief, He will likely go on to be charged in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx as part of his spree, which dates back about three years and caused an estimated $26,000 in damages, officials said.

In April 2015, he was arrested in Washington, D.C., in connection with multiple graffiti incidents involving Metro trains. A year before that, he agreed to pay nearly $7,000 in damages following a similar arrest.