Well…talk about a “fast break”.

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Moments after the Warriors found out how long Durant will be sidelined, Golden State acted quickly on finding someone who can least bring something to the table in productivity that the Warriors will be losing out of from the all star combo forward. Even though they believed they found their man, you can say the search party was handled prematurely. Just ask Jose Calderon.

The former Mavericks point guard signed with Golden State on Wednesday but his tenure there didn’t last long as he was let go moments after the Warriors decided to sign defensive specialist Matt Barnes. What made this even more awkward was Jose’s uniform was made and shipped to Chicago for last night’s away game.


But there’s great news for Calderon. Even though he was released, he was paid the full amount he signed for, which was $415,000.00. So don’t feel too bad fans. Jose is still “eating” and “eating well”.In fact, he’s planning on taking his talents to Atlanta, where reports are saying he will become an Hawk as early as Saturday.